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Make extra money from your movie traffic.

Jfuse has very good conversion ratios on movie gallery posts, movie paysites, media software sites, or any other web site that deals with movies or media related resources. Our 'try before you buy' model has proven to greatly increase sales. We also offer our customers technical support and free future upgrades, which further increases its popularity. Another benefit of promoting Jfuse is that you do not lose your traffic to competitors when you send traffic to our web site. You are simply suggesting a product that will enhance your visitor's online experience. (product info) .

The average conversion rate has been around 1 sale per 90 click-throughs. Some programs may pay out $45 per signup, but it sometimes takes 1000 or more click-throughs to get a sale. That same volume of Jfuse traffic would generate 11 sales for a total of $88, almost doubling the return on your traffic.

Use our movie help pages...

Do not lose potential sales because people do not know how to view movies on the web. To people who work with computers, something like that is second nature, but to the complete novice, something as simple as viewing movies can be difficult. Our help pages provide some basic tips on movie related topics. Instead of putting together your own help pages, link to ours and receive a commision on any sales generated from your traffic. Movie Help Pages

Earn 50% of Every Sale

We are currently offering 50% of every sale you send. We pay out on the second business day of the month for sales from the previous month. We do not hold back any reserve money, and we pay out on time every time since 2001. We also provide a customer service telephone number for any questions that may come up. Contact Us:



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