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The mp3 file format has become the format of choice for audio files. It is highly compressed and retains cd quality. Below are links to cd related resources.

Lots of different MP3 related software.  
MP3 players from brand names, mp3 downloads, mp3 accessories, mp3 reviews.  
The most comprehensive Musicians Resource Site on the net, featuring tools engineered to help write lyrics, compose, produce, promote, distribute and protect music.  
CD ripper for MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG audio output.  
MP3 editors, rippers, and converters.  
Burn MP3 or WAV files to CD-R as CD audio for being played on stereo CD player.  
MP3 editors, rippers, and converters.  
Different MP3 related software.  
Convert MP3 to WAV On-the-fly  
Waver converts WAV/MP3 files to WAV or MP3 using all processors in the system. Music ripping and burning information.  

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