Add Watermark and Subtitle to the video files

The article consists of two parts, namely

Part 1 Add Watermark

Q:What benefits can I gain if I add watermark to the video files I want to convert?

A: Adding watermark to the video files you want to convert can make them both beautiful and secure. Specifically speaking, one of your favorite images can be integrated into the video with the purpose of decoration, and the video you want to convert can be marked as your own one.

Q: OK, that sounds interesting, please show me how to add watermark.

A: First, please check on Add watermark option, and the Watermark setting window will be displayed as follow.

You can select a image as the watermark from your favorite ones.

Then its postion and duration can be customized according to your own preference. Just enjoy DIY.

Part 2 Add Subtitle

Q:In addition to English movies, I also want to try some foreign ones. However, if the English subtitles are not integrated in these videos, I will find it difficult to understand the plots. Now the relevant subtitles can be effortlessly found on the internet, but I know little about the professional editing knowledge. Well, is it easy to add subtitle if I use your video converter?

A: Surely, adding subtitles is just a piece of cake, I hope this converter can of be service to you.

First, Check the Add subtitle option. the Subtitle config window will come out. Now you can add the relevant subtitles.

Q: It seems that your converter support various formats of subtitles, are any differences among them?

A: 1. If the subtitle file you want to add is .sub or .idx, namely, a graphic subtitle file. You can't decorate the subtitle with the Subtitle Text Style Editor.

However, you can select the language of the subtitle.

2. If the subtitle file to be added is .ssa file, .srt file, namely, a text-format subtitle file, then you can press the Setting button to activitate the Subtitle Text Style Editor to decorate your subtitle.

Functions of Subtitle Text Style Editor

It can be seen from the above picture that the Subtitle Text Style Editor enables you to customize the color&transparency, font, position, border style the subtitle.

Font Section: Define the font, code page and character spacing, subtitle line angle, and its horizontal and vertical scale.

Border Style Section: Define the subtitle text border or the subtitle background border.

Position Section: Define the position of the subtitle.

Colors & Transparency Section: Define the subtitle text color, outline and shadow color and their transparency.


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